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Should You Get Dental Implants or Dentures?


In recent years, the treatment options for tooth replacement have exploded. For anyone missing teeth, this is very good news.


However, the variety of choices can be overwhelming, and making the right choice for your case is often a daunting task.…

How Strong Is the Link between Alzheimer’s and Gum Disease?


Periodontists, dentists who specialize in treating gum disease, have long contended that periodontal disease is linked to a variety of systemic health problems.


Further, new research suggests that periodontal disease may be linked to Alzheimer’s, which is both scary and exciting.…

What You Can Do to Stop Your Gums from Bleeding

What You Can Do to Stop Your Gums from Bleeding


When you brush or floss, you may notice a little bit of blood coming from your gums. While many people brush this off as normal, gum bleeding and sensitivity are signs of inflammation, and potentially underlying disease.…