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Tips For Keeping Your Oral Prosthetics Winter White


We realize admitting to having false teeth can sometimes be a bit embarrassing, even when they look natural. So when prosthetics (dentures, implants, crowns, etc.) are discolored, they might look different from the teeth around it, causing you even more self-conscious.…

Should You Get Dental Implants or Dentures?


In recent years, the treatment options for tooth replacement have exploded. For anyone missing teeth, this is very good news.


However, the variety of choices can be overwhelming, and making the right choice for your case is often a daunting task.…

Denture Pain and What You Can Do About It



If you have new dentures, it’s normal to experience mild pain or discomfort in the first few weeks as your mouth adjusts. You may also experience some pain with dentures you’ve had for some time as your gums and bone structure change.…

Using Dentures Is an Adjustment – What You Can Do to Help Your Mouth

Using Dentures Is an Adjustment – What You Can Do to Help Your Mouth


Getting dentures is a big change for your mouth.


If you’ve already gotten them, chances are you are enjoying your new and improved smile, and confident in the ongoing structure and support they will provide.…

How to Tell If You Need Dentures
Posted By: Staff Writer

How to Tell If You Need Dentures

You may not know yet if dentures are in your future, but it’s important to recognize the signs that dentures could help you.


Also important? Understanding that the need may happen sooner than you realize.…