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Dental Crowns Strengthen and Beautify Weak Teeth

Whether you’ve lived much of your life with soft teeth that easily crumble or you have a tooth that’s been compromised by injury or a stubborn cavity, you may need dental crowns in Hollywood, FL to not only save those teeth but beautify them for life. Crowns are a proven and affordable means of lengthening the life of your weakened tooth and rescuing your smile and your ability to chew with confidence. Your premier cosmetic dental provider in Hollywood, FL can tell you how these dental innovations can be a crowning achievement for your smile.


Dental crowns are metal, porcelain, and or resin caps that fit over an existing tooth that is weakened by a cavity too large to fill or that is crumbling due to injury or just plain heredity, wear, and tear. Instead of pulling the tooth, your provider of dental crowns in Hollywood, FL restores the integrity and structure of the tooth via a gold, silver, or porcelain crown. These substances can withstand the rigors and impact of chewing and can be molded to easily fit your existing tooth’s structure and the look of the rest of your mouth.


Rely on South Florida Dental Care as your expert provider of dental crowns in Hollywood, FL. Our welcoming staff and experienced and caring dentists are artists and engineers who sculpt for you solutions that enhance the stability and beauty of your smile. We take pride in arming our patients with the information they need to make solid decisions about their dental health. Contact us today to discover more information on how dental crowns can enhance your smile.


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