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New Year, New You? Make Preventative Dental Care Your 2020 Resolution

New Year, New You? Make Preventative Dental Care Your 2020 Resolution

Another new year, another set of New Years’ resolutions. Many people will resolve to eat better, be more active — even start a new hobby.


We say your best resolution is to embrace preventative dental care. If you want to improve your overall health and protect your pearly whites for years to come, consider making your teeth a priority in 2020!


Today, we’ll talk about what preventative dental care is and why it could help you achieve all those other resolutions you’re working on this year.


Preventative Dental Care Defined


The word “preventative” is defined as a medicine or treatment designed to stave off disease or ill health. Anything that helps to maintain good oral health is generally considered preventative dental care.


This includes simple things like flossing regularly, brushing twice a day for at least two minutes, and visiting the dentist every six months. Your dental visits should include a thorough cleaning, an oral exam, and x-rays (as needed).


Benefits of Preventative Dental Care


Keeping your mouth healthy actually provides health benefits for years to come. Preventative care helps identify early signs of cavities, gum disease, and more.


Preventative Dental Care Ensures a Healthy Mouth for Longer


For example, sealants can be used to prevent cavities from developing at the first sign of them. This guarantees no further treatment for quite a long time. Taking preventative measures like sealants saves you time, pain, and money in the long run.


Good Oral Health is Linked to Overall Good Physical Condition


Good oral health care is also linked to overall good physical health. Additionally, regular visits to the dentist ensure that oral cancer or any issues with your mouth, jaw, or neck are promptly identified. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also been shown that those who forego regular dental care often suffer from progressive oral issues, additional hospital visits, and more missed days of school and work.


Getting the Preventative Dental Care You Need


It all takes time, but the set of teeth you have right now is the only real ones you’re going to get. Furthermore, your pearly whites are so deeply connected to so many other aspects of your health, there’s no excuse for not prioritizing your oral care.


Making Dental Treatment Affordable


Studies have shown that for every one dollar spent on preventative care you can save anywhere from $8-$50 in emergency treatments in the long run.


Because insurance companies understand the hard-cost savings garnered from good preventative care, most plans cover preventative dental 100 percent. Preventative coverage usually includes bi-annual dental check-ups that involve exams, cleanings and x-rays.


For those without dental insurance, your dentist likely has special self-pay pricing. Ask about getting the care you need at an affordable rate and available payment options.


Prioritizing Your Dental Care


In addition to the monetary sacrifice that can come with preventative dental care, making preventative dental care a priority will take some effort on your part.


These priorities include brushing and flossing regularly at home. It’s especially important to floss any time you think you may have food in your teeth and before bed.


Additionally, you’ll want to investigate whether your insurance covers certain treatments, and what tasks you need to keep up on your own, for instance.


Even choosing the products that make the most sense for you can be a chore — finding the toothpaste with fluoride, and mouthwash that doesn’t damage your teeth. What floss should you use, and whether it’s time to talk false teeth.


Make 2020 Your Year for Preventative Dental Care


Make 2020 Your Year for Preventative Dental Care


Although preventative dental care may seem like an impossible resolution, it’s easily attainable by anyone with a little budgeting and a small amount of effort. The benefits are well worth it, and will last you throughout this year, and beyond.


If you have questions or want to discuss a specific dental care plan, reach out to your South Florida dental office!