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Reasons People Decide to Get Dental Crowns in Florida          
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Reasons People Decide to Get Dental Crowns in Florida          


You may need a crown and not even realize it. In this post, we’ll detail the numerous reasons that people decide to get a dental crown.


First, though, a bit about crowns themselves.


What Is a Dental Crown?


A crown is like a cap placed over a tooth that needs restoration. A crown can help bring a tooth back to its correct size and shape, as well as improving a tooth’s appearance and strength.


Dental crowns can be made of several different substances. These are the most common materials used to make crowns:


  • Ceramic—Ceramic crowns look the most natural. They are a good choice for people with allergic reactions to metal alloys. They can be expensive. They are not as strong as metal crowns, and they may wear down opposing teeth more than resin or metal crowns.
  • Resin—These crowns tend to be more affordable. However, they wear out more quickly and are more susceptible to breaking.
  • Porcelain—These crowns produce a natural look and feel. They can be strengthened if added to metal. They may be susceptible to chipping or cracking.
  • Metal alloys—These crowns last longer than any other type. They are thinner than porcelain crowns, yet are strong enough to hold up to chewing. Normally they are used on back teeth so that they do not show when you smile or talk.


A successful crown will look and feel exactly like a regular tooth. It’s a great solution for emergency dental situations. Most crowns will last at least seven years, and some crowns will last for 40 years or longer.


When Do People in Florida Get Crowns?


People get crowns for various reasons, including the following.


  • To repair a broken or cracked tooth
  • To keep a decayed or weakened tooth from breaking
  • To restore a tooth that’s worn down
  • To cover a large filling
  • To secure a dental bridge
  • To mask discoloration
  • To correct a misshapen or crooked tooth
  • To hide a dental implant
  • Cosmetic improvement


A crown can solve all these problems and boost your confidence level.


What Is the Process for Getting a Dental Crown?


Your dentist will first look at your teeth and determine whether a crown is the right solution for you. If a crown is a good fit, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth to use in building the crown.


In the first appointment for your crown, your dentist will prepare your tooth by filing it down so the crown has a place to sit. If you don’t have enough tooth to file down, your dentist may prepare the tooth with a filling. You will receive a temporary crown after this process.


In your second appointment, your dentist will install the permanent crown with a strong adhesive. The installation is painless, but your tooth may be slightly more sensitive for several days as you adjust to the new crown.


How Do I Care for My New Dental Crown?


You’ll need to care for your crown just like you do with your other teeth. Brushing twice a day and flossing once per day is important. Cavities can form behind the crown and go undetected, presenting a risk of decay. You also need to see your dentist at least twice per year for regular checkups.


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