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Seemingly Healthy Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth
Posted By: Staff Writer

Seemingly Healthy Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

If you try hard to eat healthy, you may be surprised at which seemingly “good for you” foods and beverages can actually cause damage to your teeth. Below, we’re going to tell you how your “healthy” diet may not be so healthy for your mouth, as well as how you can enjoy them without causing future dental issues.

Fresh Fruits

Most of us need to eat more fruits and vegetables for better health. However, be mindful when eating apples or citrus fruits. They contain significant levels of acid combined with natural sugars, which can cause decay. The solution is to swish with water and brush your teeth 30 minutes after you eat them.


Berries boost your immune system, but their dark colors can cause tooth stains, and their small seeds can get lodged in-between teeth. Make sure to brush soon after enjoying berries to minimize their damage, and check with your dentist about whitening options if you have stains.

Dried Fruits

Though they seem healthy compared to other snacks, dried fruits have concentrated sugars. The sticky natural sugars stay on your teeth and can cause decay. Combine them with nuts or granola to help remove the sugars from your teeth.


The unique shape and structure of a whole almond is tough on your teeth. Bite down the wrong way and an almond can even crack your tooth! Eat slivered almonds instead to enjoy the health benefits of this superfood.

Pickled Foods

You may have heard that pickled foods are good for your gut. However, they are also highly acidic. Because of this, you need to take care to neutralize the acid with a calcium-rich food or brush and floss within 30 minutes of eating.

Sugar-free Drinks

Perhaps you choose sugar-free drinks because you think you’re making a healthier choice for your waistline. Unfortunately, sugar-free drinks such as lemonade or fruit-flavored water are often full of acids that can erode your teeth enamel. Sugar-free sodas are loaded with even  more acids, making them one of the worst choices you can make for your mouth. It’s best to drink plain water instead.

Sports Drinks

When you’re working out, sports drinks can replenish your electrolytes and recharge you. However, you shouldn’t make them a regular habit. Most are loaded with sugar and could cause tooth decay.

Sunflower Seeds

These snacks are popular because they are filling and satisfy a craving for something crunchy. If you choose to eat sunflower seeds, skip the shelled version. The hulls are hard and could cause damage. Eat hulled seeds instead.


Maybe you don’t exactly think of wine as “healthy,” but you’ve likely heard that if you drink it in moderation, you can enjoy health benefits from the antioxidants. This is true. Unfortunately, wine also contains a lot of acid, which can erode your tooth enamel. When your enamel erodes, you have a greater chance of sensitivity and chipping, as well as tooth decay.


You can minimize the damage by enjoying your wine with cheese. The calcium in the cheese helps neutralize the acids. Since alcohol dries your mouth out, drink a glass of water before and after your wine to rehydrate.


Do you enjoy chewing on ice? Well, you could be doing major damage to your teeth. Ice grinds against them, causing premature wear and tear. It may even result in cracking. Keep ice in your drink instead of crunching on it, and you’ll do your teeth a favor.


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Worried because you’ve been enjoying some of the foods on this list? Schedule a checkup with us today. We’ll see if foods are taking a toll on your teeth and show you how to plan a diet that’s as healthy for your mouth and teeth as it is for the rest of your body.