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What You Should Eat (and Drink) after Having Oral Surgery

What You Should Eat (and Drink) after Having Oral Surgery


Whether you are having a tooth extraction, root canal, or other types of oral surgery, your dentist may recommend that you change your diet for a few days afterward. Eating different foods and drinking different drinks can speed the healing process while keeping you nourished and healthy… and not doing damage to your likely-sensitive mouth and any work that may need time to set.


Generally, soft foods and mild liquids are the best choices after oral surgery, but certain things are better than others, and if you’re getting ready for a procedure, you need to know what’s safe to eat and drink while you recover.


Because of this, we’ve prepared a list of the foods and drinks that are best for you after surgery, so you can recover faster and avoid infections.


The Best After-Surgery Foods


The best foods after surgery will be high in nutritional value and easy on your mouth. These choices will also help reduce swelling and heal your wounds.



Scrambled eggs are soft, healthy, and full of protein. You can’t beat eggs as a choice for vitamins and minerals, along with fatty acids. All these elements combine to make a wonderful choice. Just make sure they aren’t too hot before you put them in your mouth!


Pureed Soups

Soups are usually made with nutritious bone broth and lots of vegetables. When soups are pureed, no chunks or bits of food will prevent problems for you. Choose soups rich in vitamins and minerals, such as potato, squash, carrot, cauliflower, or black bean.


Whir your soup in a blender or food processor with a little extra broth for a smooth consistency. Make sure to eat pureed soup at room temperature because your mouth may be heat-sensitive.


Greek Yogurt

High-protein foods can help you heal. Greek yogurt fits the bill perfectly. It is high in protein and has a creamy texture, which can be satisfying in your sore mouth. Additionally, Greek yogurt is full of beneficial bacteria for gut health.


Choose a plain, unsweetened, low-fat variety so you can add in what you want. Customize your yogurt by stirring in honey or seedless fruit jam for a punch of flavor.


Mashed Potatoes

These spuds are after-surgery stars for their comfort value and high vitamin C level. Potatoes also contain other trace minerals that are essential for good health. Mash potatoes with low-fat milk and just a pat of butter to make them healthier than the full-fat versions.


Pureed Fruits

Pureed fruits like applesauce, mashed bananas, and other frozen fruits can satisfy your sweet craving while providing a wealth of antioxidants for healing.


The Best After-Surgery Drinks


Here are some unique post-surgery drinks to keep you hydrated and boost your healing.


Bone Broth

Most people wouldn’t think of it as a “drink,” but broths are full of nutritional value. They are a smart, savory drink choice after oral surgery. Make sure the broth is not too hot and choose homemade or low-sodium broth for the biggest health benefits.



Smoothies are a great choice because you can pack nearly a whole day’s worth of nutrients into one eight-ounce serving. You can also get creative with smoothies, mixing fruits and vegetables with yogurt and protein powder to meet all four food groups at once.


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Do you have more questions about what you should eat or drink after oral surgery? Check with your dentist for even more healthy recommendations.