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Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Will Give You Your Best Smile?
Posted By: Staff Writer

What Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Will Give You Your Best Smile

If you want to restore your smile, where do you go? What procedure is the right one for your needs?


A knowledgeable cosmetic dentist can answer these questions and more. As someone who helps people to make their teeth look as good as they possibly can on a daily basis, cosmetic dentists have all kinds of tools and procedures at their disposal.


The best way to know which procedure or procedures are right for you is to sit down with a skilled cosmetic dentist and go over your options and the specifics of your situation in depth. But to give you an idea of what you can expect, below we have put together an overview of several different types of cosmetic dental procedures.


Bonding – Cosmetic bonding can rebuild your smile in one appointment. This type of procedure uses a resin to fill in gaps, add mass back to chipped teeth, or straightened teeth that have been misaligned. A bonding light hardens the resin, and the dentist polishes your newly restored teeth.


Best For: Patients who want to restore or fill in imperfections in one quick procedure.


Whitening Procedures – Off-the-shelf whitening kits can not only be a big mess, they aren’t as effective as the whitening procedures available to cosmetic dentists. Some dentists will even provide their patients refill kits through their practice to keep your teeth whiter for longer.


Best For: Discolored teeth that just need a quick brightening.


Veneers – Veneers act as a mask to cover up teeth that suffer from discoloration or have slight imperfections. To attach them, the dentist must remove part of the tooth’s current enamel to properly align the veneer with the surrounding teeth. Veneers help to protect teeth from discoloration and damage for years to come, and they are typically made of porcelain.


Best For: Gapped or chipped teeth; discoloration; slight misalignments.


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Crowns – Crowns are similar to veneers. They act as a shell to protect and restore teeth. However, crowns can cover more of the tooth and are often a better option for teeth that have sustained more damage. Crowns can also be made of porcelain, but resin, ceramic, and even metal, are all possible options.


Crowns are sometimes placed on top of dental implants, and require more than one appointment. Between the appointments, your gums or jaw grow around the implants and prepare for the installation of the crown.


Best For: Missing teeth; preventing and restoring teeth that are fractured; discolored or misshapen teeth; attaching bridges; supporting fillings; covering implants.


Implants – Implants are placed underneath a crown, and are usually made out of titanium. In a previous blog post, we outlined the different types of dental implants, from single tooth restorations to full implant systems. Implants are used to fully restore or replace the root of a tooth or teeth.


Best For: Full tooth restoration; full row restoration.


Come In to Learn Which Procedure Is Right for You


Different cosmetic procedures have different effects. The length of time (and number of appointments involved) may vary as well. Some procedures produce longer-lasting effects. Some cost quite a bit, while others are more cost-effective.


A cosmetic dentist will be able to talk further about finding a treatment that not only fits your cosmetic needs, but also your lifestyle, budget, and comfort level. If you are interested in learning more, set up an appointment with one of our cosmetic dentists today.