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6 Myths about Dental Hygiene
Posted By: Staff Writer

6 Myths about Dental Hygiene

No matter who you are, it is impossible to ignore your dental hygiene. Every time you enjoy some food or flash a smile, you can’t help but be reminded of your teeth, their health, and their look.…

Why You Should Choose the Team at South Florida Dental Care
Posted By: Staff Writer

Dental health is incredibly important, but for many it’s not always a top priority. In fact, some surveys have revealed that many people would rather take out the trash, sit in heavy traffic, or complete other mundane tasks before going to the dentist.…

Why It’s Important to Treat Cavities ASAP
Posted By: Staff Writer

Why It's Important to Treat Cavities ASAP

No one wants to hear that they have a cavity. It means having to find time for another visit to the dentist and additional work done on your mouth. More money out of your pocket to pay for that work.…

3 Ways Drinking on New Years Can Harm Your Oral Health
Posted By: Staff Writer

3 Ways Drinking on New Years Can Hurt Your Oral Health

What’s New Year’s Eve without a glass of champagne or two?


With the possible exception of St. Patrick’s Day, no other major holiday our country celebrates has become so intertwined with drinking as New Year’s Eve.…

Dentists Warnabout Rising Dental Decay Epidemic in Children
Posted By: Dr. Jeffrey Pass

Hollywood Family Dentist

A recent New York Times study unveiled an alarming statistic: for the first time in 40 years, dental decay is on the rise in young children. Parents nationwide are reading the results in horror, worrying that their children might be among the 50% or more who have at least some level of tooth decay by age 5.…