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Keeping in Touch with South Florida Dental

Keeping in Touch with South Florida Dental


We imagine most of our patients are well-versed in social media by now, and statistics say that whether your platform of choice is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or something else entirely, the majority of you have already established your own personal social media platform perusing habits.


Still, according to a recent survey, nearly three-quarters of dental patients haven’t connected with their dentists on social media. Why? Well, many don’t even expect their dentist to have a social media presence.


Because of this, we thought we’d share all the ways you can stay connected with South Florida Dental, and what you can expect from each platform we live on when you connect with us.


We’d Love to Be Your Facebook Friend


For the same reasons you connect to any other business or product page, we created our Facebook account to make it easier for you to find us. Name, address, and other contact information – it’s all in one place!


Besides those sorts of general business kinds of things, like anyone with a Facebook page, we also love to share photos and status updates about what we have going on in the office. Click here and hit “like” to follow our happenings. We enjoy being able to provide an easy way for you to share photos, articles, and so on when you want, too.


Feel free to connect with our staff with a single click via Facebook as well. Whether by email or direct message through messenger, we always have an eye out for your questions and comments.


Most importantly, your reviews mean a lot to us! If you haven’t had a chance to share your experience with us, we invite you to take a minute and do just that.


Follow @SoFlaDentalCare on Twitter for Our Latest Dental Articles


We’re still developing our Twitter platform, and right now, we use this channel primarily to share our latest news articles straight from our blog.


On the backend, we intend to utilize the platform as a way to keep abreast of the latest dental news ourselves. As we grow this platform, we hope to share all things new and interesting about dentistry with you.


It’s also a great place for you to share what you find about dental care with us! Find us by searching for @SoFlaDentalCare and follow our Twitter feed in real-time.


The South Florida Dental Blog and Our YouTube Channel


These two platforms are where our archived content lives. If you ever want to go back to a story or rewatch a video we’ve posted previously on our site or other social media channel, these two places are where you’re going to be able to locate them the fastest.


Keep these links for easy access:


South Florida Dental Blog


South Florida YouTube Channel


And if there’s ever a time when you can’t locate the post or video by simply searching, send us a note. We’ll help you find it!


Getting Social with South Florida Dental


Remember, social media is always a two-way street. We pride ourselves in providing a safe and respectful digital space where we can share our insights on dental health, while also encouraging our online friends and followers to interact with us.


Dentistry is our passion, and we love having the chance to learn about your personal perspective and dental experiences and answering questions South Florida residents have about taking care of their teeth.


Getting Social with South Florida Dental

We look forward to seeing more of you online – and in person!