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All about Cosmetic Bonding
Posted By: Staff Writer

All about Cosmetic Bonding

Maybe you fell off while riding a bike. Or perhaps you bit into the tough crust of a particularly burnt piece of pizza. However it happened for you, a chipped tooth here and there isn’t uncommon.…

Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Will Give You Your Best Smile?
Posted By: Staff Writer

What Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Will Give You Your Best Smile

If you want to restore your smile, where do you go? What procedure is the right one for your needs?


A knowledgeable cosmetic dentist can answer these questions and more. As someone who helps people to make their teeth look as good as they possibly can on a daily basis, cosmetic dentists have all kinds of tools and procedures at their disposal.…

Do You Have Gingivitis?

indexYou might not even know you have it.  It results from poor oral hygiene. In its earliest stages, it results in gums that are bleeding and inflamed.


It is called gingivitis and it is a mild form of gum disease.…

Cosmetic Dentistry in Pembroke Pines

Maybe you’re thinking about ways to beautify your smile, but you aren’t sure of your options. You’ve reached that stage in life at which teeth whitening or a cure for that gap in your smile is not just a luxury but a necessary asset for your business and social life.…

Cosmetic Bonding for Rebuilding and Repairing Teeth

If you have chipped or broken teeth that are in need of repair, a Pembroke Pines cosmetic dentist can usually resolve the issue efficiently by using dental bonding methods to repair your tooth.…