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How Advances in Dentistry Continue to Improve Oral Health
Posted By: Staff Writer

How Advances in Dentistry Continue to Improve Oral Health


Here at South Florida Dental, we strive to keep on top of the latest developments in dental care. Here’s a glimpse of what the future holds for dental technologies and how they will help you.



Microencapsulation is a breakthrough technology developed by Creighton University researchers. Tiny capsules filled with ions of fluoride, calcium, and phosphate work like water balloons to deliver minerals to your teeth.


Dentists use microencapsulation to stimulate enamel growth and prevent decay. The microencapsulation technology may next be used in orthodontic cements.

New cavity treatments


Does the sound of a dentist’s drill cause you to shudder with dread? With new laser technology, you no longer need to dread the drill. A laser does the same job with no pain, less downtime, and more effective results. Diode lasers are even being used to detect cavities.


Lasers allow dentists to work with greater precision. Even though laser treatments are not yet widespread because they require specific training, 90 percent of those who received laser treatments are pleased with the results, so you can expect laser treatments to become more popular in the future.


Another cavity treatment that is less invasive than a drill is called electrical remineralization. Electric currents painlessly deliver minerals deep into a tooth so that it can heal without drilling.


At South Florida Dental, we already offer a cutting-edge option for cavity fillings. The substance known as SDF, or silver diamine fluoride, does not contain mercury. SDF has antimicrobial properties which help prevent cavity developments.

Improved root canals


When dentists perform a traditional root canal, they remove diseased tissue and fill the space with a man-made material. In the next 10 years, though, that material will be replaced with stem cells that will help to grow new tooth pulp within a few months.


Lasers will also play a new role in root canals. Dentists will use them to eradicate bacteria growth where nothing else can reach. These technologies will make a difference in the effectiveness of root canal treatments.

Implant technology


Dental implants are becoming a more widely-used option over dentures. New technology helps implants stay in place even better than before. Dentists are using 3D printers to create implants, and as the technology improves over the next decade, more 3D-printed implants will be used.


Additionally, lasers help speed healing when extractions are necessary before implantation occurs, and stem cells are being used to grow more bone cells so the implants are securely anchored. They are also being used to grow new teeth, so real teeth can be used for implants rather than artificial substitutes.

New help for TMJ


People who grind their teeth can develop TMJ, a painful condition in the jaw that may cause headaches. Some dentists are using Botox to deactivate jaw muscles that contribute to TMJ.


Right now it is only being used in advanced cases, but it may be used more widely if treatments prove successful. Lasers can also get rid of muscle tissue that contributes to TMJ.


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Digitized X-rays


Traditional X-rays are falling to the wayside as digital X-ray use continues to gain favor. Digital X-rays are more accurate, require only seconds to process, and require much less radiation.


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