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Toothpaste Capsules: Should I Give Them a Shot?


Sustainability is a big focus of companies and consumers alike in the twenty-first century. With climate change coloring many of our decisions, people are looking to lessen their carbon footprint.


It’s why products like reusable straws, water bottles, coffee cups, and shopping bags have increasingly become mainstream.


Toothpaste capsules are another innovation in the growing field of zero-waste. If you’ve ever been curious about what toothpaste capsules are and if you should give them a shot, you’ve come to the right place.


So, What Are Toothpaste Capsules?


Toothpaste capsules or pills were created to cut down on the millions of plastic toothpaste tubes that are thrown away each year. The tiny pill is simply a single use of toothpaste that’s been pressed down and formed into a capsule.


How to Use Toothpaste Capsules


To use a toothpaste capsule, you simply pop it into your mouth and bite down to break it up. Then, begin brushing as usual (this is not a rinse-and-spit kind of thing).


How Toothpaste Capsules Are Packaged


Many capsule brands offer refillable glass jars or compostable containers, but a hallmark of the zero-waste movement, they are all usually made from all-natural ingredients. So the product can maintain an environmental footprint that is virtually nonexistent.


Considerations for Switching to Toothpaste Capsules


If you’re thinking about trying out a toothpaste pill as part of your preventative dental care routine, you’ll want to consider what’s most important to you.


They can widely range in price, convenience, and ingredients. Do you want one that’s completely sustainable, natural, and zero-waste? Whether you’re okay with less-natural ingredients if it makes the product cheaper, fluoride or no fluoride, etc. These are just some of the things you may take into consideration before making your decision. Here’s what South Florida Dental thinks about making the switch…


Advantages of Using Toothpaste Capsules


What’s great about these capsules becoming more popular is that you have plenty of options to choose from, including ones with or without fluoride. There are also some that are completely natural, those that are vegan, and some that are flavored.


Most of the capsules are also low in abrasiveness, which is important for toothpaste. Toothpaste that is too abrasive can wear down your enamel and cause permanent damage to your teeth.


Toothpaste capsules are also travel-friendly and easy to keep in your purse for a mid-day freshen up.


Disadvantages to Making the Switch


Unfortunately, these single-use toothpaste pills do usually end up being more expensive than your standard tube of toothpaste.


Additionally, they can be difficult to find and re-order when you need them. Some of the brands also have a relatively short shelf life, which means you can’t necessarily buy in bulk.


Just because many of the options are all-natural definitely doesn’t mean that they all are, so if that’s important to you you’ll want to check the ingredients carefully.


There is also a certain chalky texture that is more obvious with some brands than others.


Toothpaste Capsules Are Still Only Part of Good Dental Hygiene


Although they are an exciting new trend in dental care, toothpaste capsules should not be seen as all-inclusive dental care. They are convenient, certainly, but only take the place of your regular toothpaste.


Moreover, their size and convenience do nothing to lessen the amount of time needed to brush; you should still shoot for a solid two minutes of brushing for a good, healthy clean to prevent issues such as gingivitis, plaque buildup, and cavities.



An exciting breakthrough like this that could help the environment too – why not? We say, if you want to, go ahead and give them a shot! Just remember that toothpaste capsules, whichever brand you prefer, are still only part of your dental routine.